Under Roof

While away for two weeks, so much was completed… Sheathing, shingles and windows – oh my!

This stage is referred to as “Dried-in.” It’s completely framed and (don’t be shocked) the theater has been tested.

A big frog decided to take up residence in the basement, but as of today it appears he’s moved out.

A few interior shots are included below. Two from the landing between the main floor and the basement (so pretty – it’s like art!) The last is of the verbiage written on the studs wherever there is an exterior door…


Framing it Up

The rough carpenters arrived TUE 09 AUG. By the end of the day, the basement was framed and the cross beams for the main floor were set.

It was hot WED 10 AUG, but before the peak heat hit (~3 o’clock), the main floor was complete.

In the days following, framing for walls started going up… First exterior; then interior; and, as of yesterday, roof.

This marks two weeks of progress. It’s raining hard as I write… Carpenters are sitting in their vehicles waiting for the storm to pass so they can get to work!


Backfill was completed by end of day Monday 7/25. Lumber was delivered Tuesday 7/26.Plumber was onsite to install basement plumbing Wednesday 7/28. More lumber was delivered Thursday 7/29.Carpenter should begin framing Wednesday 8/3. We should see an appreciable difference soon!

The Gentle Rain of Gravel

The backfill was completed yesterday!

The hum of the machines and the gentle rain of gravel… It’s an interesting sound. Very relaxing actually.

I was surprised how small the garage looks now! It’s all about perspective.

I think the next step is to begin framing walls. I’ve heard there may be an issue with truss deliveries — should not be a major issue with the hip roof design.

More to come soon!

We Have Walls

The bad news: The last ten days have been less exciting.

The good news: Concrete was poured and has cured. Foundation inspection was done Mon 7/18.

The forms were pulled and removed from the site. 

We have footings/foundation/basement walls.

The last few days have been extremely hot/humid. Temps, with the heat index, hit 105. Many folks who work outdoors did not work Thu 7/21 and Fri 7/22.

Gravel was delivered Friday morning…

Next step — backfill. Hopefully that begins tomorrow!

Building a Home

Old Stone Bridge Estates

Located in the Town of Rubicon, one mile north of HWY 60 off Rome Road.

Lot 21…

MON 20 JUN @ 8:00am

They broke ground!

The curb was cut for our driveway on Thursday, June 2. I worried that I might miss the beginning stages of construction. I am glad I returned before they started.

By the end of the week, we had a basement.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into the creation of a home. From Monday, June 27 through Monday, July 11, I watched and waited… I was reminded of the Abraham Lincoln quote: “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax.”

Early yesterday morning (TUE 12 JUL), two cement trucks arrived…

In a few days the forms will be pulled and we will have walls!