Olive Green

Hard to believe it has been ten days since the last post! Things are progressing well… drywall was being installed today during an early morning walk-through.

The olive green is pretty in the morning sunlight. Amazing to see it all coming together!


6 thoughts on “Olive Green

  1. Love the Olive green!


  2. Looking good! Hope you are enjoying your new adventure. Hugs from TN!


  3. Delicious color.. That’s my favorite color! Always has been. So your house faces South? That is the best for heat retention. Can’t wait to see you.



  4. Hi Julie and Rick,
    Wow! How exciting, looks it will be safe to walk on in the rain and snow. From the way it curves, it will help melt the ice away. Less chance of a slip and fall. Christmas and moving in are coming very soon!


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