Under Roof

While away for two weeks, so much was completed… Sheathing, shingles and windows – oh my!

This stage is referred to as “Dried-in.” It’s completely framed and (don’t be shocked) the theater has been tested.

A big frog decided to take up residence in the basement, but as of today it appears he’s moved out.

A few interior shots are included below. Two from the landing between the main floor and the basement (so pretty – it’s like art!) The last is of the verbiage written on the studs wherever there is an exterior door…


8 thoughts on “Under Roof

  1. I love the scripture. Another friend of mine recently built and there are scriptures written on the studs throughout. Even her builder got in on the blessings.

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  2. Hey Julie! I don’t know if you’ve built before, but my advice would be to take a pic of EVERYTHING! Having
    pics of where the studs are comes in VERY handy down the road! I took some but not enough. Very excited for you! 😘

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  3. Looks great Julie! I wrote blessings all over my house while we were building. I love knowing it was built on a solid foundation of scripture!

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  4. The house is looking great. We just had all of our windows replaced today! What a pain in the ass, but it is worth it. We still had single pane Windows.


  5. Looks awesome! Make sure the door frame for the “Crabtree Guest Suite” tells everyone else to get out! Where will the butler quarter’s be located? House looks great!


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