Olive Green

Hard to believe it has been ten days since the last post! Things are progressing well… drywall was being installed today during an early morning walk-through.

The olive green is pretty in the morning sunlight. Amazing to see it all coming together!


What a Week!

This week has been a flurry of activity! Electric and plumbing rough-in should be complete tomorrow. HVAC is installed. Today the front porch, garage, and back porch (concrete) were poured + the well was drilled today!

A representative from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was onsite to oversee the drilling of the well… A full water report will be provided when the pump is installed.

Next up… Drywall, insulation, siding and trim!

Under Roof

While away for two weeks, so much was completed… Sheathing, shingles and windows – oh my!

This stage is referred to as “Dried-in.” It’s completely framed and (don’t be shocked) the theater has been tested.

A big frog decided to take up residence in the basement, but as of today it appears he’s moved out.

A few interior shots are included below. Two from the landing between the main floor and the basement (so pretty – it’s like art!) The last is of the verbiage written on the studs wherever there is an exterior door…