Framing it Up

The rough carpenters arrived TUE 09 AUG. By the end of the day, the basement was framed and the cross beams for the main floor were set.

It was hot WED 10 AUG, but before the peak heat hit (~3 o’clock), the main floor was complete.

In the days following, framing for walls started going up… First exterior; then interior; and, as of yesterday, roof.

This marks two weeks of progress. It’s raining hard as I write… Carpenters are sitting in their vehicles waiting for the storm to pass so they can get to work!



Backfill was completed by end of day Monday 7/25. Lumber was delivered Tuesday 7/26.Plumber was onsite to install basement plumbing Wednesday 7/28. More lumber was delivered Thursday 7/29.Carpenter should begin framing Wednesday 8/3. We should see an appreciable difference soon!